Product Design, Development, and Manufacturing Projects

See some of the projects we have done below.

Stackable IV Pole

This is an IV pole that can be nested for space savings
Design challenges:

  • The base had to maintain a symmetrical circular caster pattern.
  • Patentable design
  • Tight IP landscape
  • Inexpensive construction to compete with Chinese IV pole manufacturers

Flight Simulator GPS

Designed to emulate form and function of a high end avionics GPS unit. Device is used in flight simulators to provider real world feel and functionality in a simulated environment.

Unit provides keyboard and mouse input to GPS simulation software while the small screen acts as VGA computer display.

Entire product is custom designed and sourced for client including housing, buttons, knobs, bezel, electronics and firmware.

DNA Analyzer

Diagnostic device used for the detection of specific DNA sequences

Responsible for the development of the analyzer including:

  • Design of key subsystems
  • Sourcing of all components
  • Firmware specifications
  • External compliance testing
  • Risk analysis
  • Verification and Validation testing

Responsible for the development of the disposable test module including:

  • Design
  • Sourcing of molds
  • Mold qualifications
  • Assembly equipment
  • Risk analysis
  • Verification and Validation testing

FDA approved for emergency use  12/14/09

NICU Photo-therapy Mask

This device protects a neonate’s eyes during photo-therapy for bilirubin treatment.

Design challenges:

  • Extremely cluttered IP landscape
  • Patient contact with extremely delicate paper-thin neonate skin
  • Zero-failure fixation
  • Sensitive clinical testing process on neonates
  • Low-cost manufacturing requirements