Excel & Software Consulting

Witting Innovation provides consulting services for excel automation (including VBA) and software development.

No matter what your needs are we can help you find a solution that is right for you.

Excel and Other Office Automation

Excel is a very powerful tool, capable of much more than most people realize. Through creative functions and VBA programming, Excel can be used to automate many mundane tasks, perform complex analysis, crunch large sets of data and generate custom reports.

These tasks may include:

  • Custom spreadsheet templates
  • Opening text files from legacy systems and extracting data into a master database
  • Running daily, weekly or monthly summary reports
  • Custom functions that can be used in any spreadsheet – these functions can do complex calculations and can be inserted as easily as =sum(A1:B2)
  • Automating calculations, data manipulation or formatting
  • Integration with existing databases through SQL or web queries
  • Automatically creating PDFs or sending emails
  • Updating access databases or other databases (mySQL, etc) through a familiar Excel interface
  • Document templates that allow for quick customization of documents such as contracts and letters
  • Mail merges from many different sources

Witting Innovation has over 10 years of experience in Excel and Office automation and is a Approved Excel consultant. Let us help you eliminate repetitive tasks so that you can focus on the core of your business. Email us or call us at (734) 658-0694 to have us look at your custom project. Initial consultations are always free.

Recent Excel and Access Projects

  • System for managing an Ebay store.  Interacts with an onsite database.
  • Dashboard spreadsheet used to track budget vs. actual project costs.  System imports data from accounting reports to allow managers up-to-date information.
  • Business calculators for call centers to quickly calculate important information and dates while making outbound sales calls.
  • Development of complex algorithms for a medical detection system.  Automation was used to process hundreds of input files to develop a statistical model and to validate the process.
  • VBA automation to import, process and format (including adding graphs and pivot tables) data from high end test equipment. The macros were added to a toolbar and distributed.  Now, what once took 20 minutes to do per data set (5 – 20 times per day) takes 10 seconds and the company can focus on using the data to make decisions rather than spending their time processing the data.
  • Custom functions to convert key values from one legacy system to key values for another legacy system.
  • Complex functions to analyze a set of data and extract values at very specific relative points, simply by entering a formula.
  • Compiling legacy data from three different systems into a single Access database so that performance reports could be generated.  Prior to the system, the company had no easy way to match data from these three systems.  Now they can find issues with the operations to improve their bottom line.
  • Access database for a surgical center to track unique patient information their current scheduling and billing systems doesn’t handle. The system has a nice graphical interface, runs vital reports and helps them follow up on outstanding tasks.
Not Sure Excel or Access Will Be Enough?

The first step in any custom project is to define all of the requirements and to understand how the system will be used. We look at information to be stored, user types, number of users, maintenance, distribution, functional requirements and a number of other factors. Once we have gathered all of the specifications, we will be able to select the best technologies for your application.

Since we have experience in a wide range of solutions and a proven network of developers to call on, your project need not be limited to Excel or Access. We can also deliver client/server applications, web services, mobile apps, custom software and hardware/firmware development. We can even deliver Lab View or PLC Automation (Allen-Bradley).

Once we have found the right solution for your problem, we will work diligently to develop and deliver your custom solution, managing all aspects of the project including layout of the user interface, graphical design, coding, testing, delivery and maintenance. Email us or call us at (734) 658-0694 to have us look at your custom project. If we can’t help you, we will help you find someone that can.

Recent Examples of Projects Outside of Excel

  • Development of custom software for interfacing with a medical analyzer
  • Creating a web service, web pages and custom software that integrate to deliver proprietary digital technology through a network of authorized dealers.  The system maintains control of the product, collects payments and interfaces with hardware for the final delivery
  • Custom GPS simulator hardware and firmware designed to interface with existing flight simulator software
  • Software to help a medical practice manage vital patient information
  • Scheduling and Management software for a group of providers in multiple offices